The Cuisinart steam and convection oven can transform your standard convection oven into a multifunctioning cooking machine. This model is also about as well-built and attractive as kitchen appliances get. The vivid, large blue LCD screen, illuminated dial, and brushed stainless steel exterior give this oven a high-end, techy look that no competitor can match. On looks alone, this was our favorite model. 

But the oven also has a quality feel to it. There’s no creaking or ratting when you shut the oven door. The dial offers reassuring, smooth clicks as you adjust it from option to option. The plastic water reservoir doesn’t feel think or cheap and easily slides out of place for a refill. Given the cost, for most consumers, this will be a luxury purchase of sorts, but given the oven’s overall usability, it’s sure to add plenty of convenience and functionality to your kitchen. 

Cuisinart Convection Oven Assessment and Features 

Cuisinart now offers a convection oven combo that you won’t find anywhere else, which is one of the reasons this model stood out to us. But many people fail to realize that a steam function can be used for so much more than just steaming veggies or rice. Also, this feature can be used in combination with other cooking modes such as bake or broil, to infuse some flavor into your favorite dishes. 

Using this model is almost effortless. The knob controls nine cooking modes, each of which have their own default settings and icon. This machine is surprisingly intuitive given its expansive functionality. It’s also much easier to work with than a model with a multiple knob and button setup. The oven is even able to detect how warm the oven is automatically and adjust the cooking time based on the temperature. 

The built-in timer works for every mode, automatically shutting off heat as soon as the time is up. The timer can be set for up to two hours, but if you need to cook for longer than that, simply restart the timer. 

Obviously the steam function is a huge selling point for this model. This oven can cook things that no other model can, such as fresh doughnuts, rice, and tender cuts of fish. It also comes with a recipe book that features recipes for dishes such as steamed pork buns, soft pretzels and clams. The machine’s versatility is what makes it so popular with consumers. 

The steam cooking modes work perfectly. Just pull out the water tank, fill it up and return it to its base and you’re ready to steam. This function offers four different steam modes, each of which can be customized and adjusted, offering plenty of functionality to play with. The steam baking mode is perfect for roasted chicken. The steam broil option allows you to expertly cook foods such as veggies and meat at a higher temperature without the worry of the food drying out. The basic steam mode is perfect for lower temperature steaming, while the super steam mode is what you’ll use if you want to steam rice. We found that this model will cook a great pot of rice. The included instructions recommend cooking the rice for twenty-five minutes, but we found that thirty-five minutes of cooking time offered the best results. 

For more complicated dishes you can also add some wine or any other type of liquid into the baking pan, as the machine steams the flavor directly into your food. 

Convection Oven and Steamer Pros and Cons 

Steam & Convection Oven by CuisinartPros: The steam settings can also be used for reheating leftovers, especially dishes with sauce. When it comes to making toast, this model offers a total of seven toasting settings.

Because you can also bake and broil with this oven, you can enjoy dishes such as pizza, roasted chicken, casseroles, fresh biscuits, and a wide range of other baked goods including cookies. 

When it comes to maintenance, you’ll need to decalcify the machine once a year in order to remove harmful calcium deposits. Fortunately, this doesn’t take much work, just run the sixty minute steam cycle using vinegar. If you use this oven more than four times a week you may need to decalcify it on a more regular basis. 

Oven cleanup is rather easy. The tray located at the bottom of the oven is designed to catch crumbs and drips and slides out for easy cleanup. For bigger messes, you can run a thirty minute steam cycle to loosen up any baked on mess, then wipe the interior using a damp sponge or cloth. 

This oven also comes with a generous three year limited warranty from defects in workmanship and materials. Typically, most ovens in this price range only come with a one year warranty, so this was definitely a strong point for this model. 

This model comes with instructions for decalcification, maintenance, and cleaning, as well as a brief section dedicated to troubleshooting. 

Cons: There were a few reports that the glass in the oven door shattered during use, without slamming the door or any other outside cause. Most users felt that it was due to the oven heating up so quickly. It’s disappointing that the manufacturer failed to use the appropriate type of oven glass to prevent this issue from happening. Because Cuisinart doesn’t send out replacement parts, the oven will need to be shipped back to the manufacturer for repairs. Consumers will also be expected to pay the shipping cost. 

Cuisinart Convection Oven Conclusion and Rating 

Overall, Cuisinart Steam & Convection Oven was one of the most impressive ovens we tested, although we wouldn’t say it dominated the competition, however, it is able to keep up with it. While it does come with a higher price tag than a standard countertop convection oven, the steaming feature makes it worth the higher price tag. With this type of versatility, you’ll find yourself using this oven frequently for large family meals. Consumers who purchased this model gave it a rating of five out of five stars for the steam feature, easy to use steam cleaning maintenance, overall quality, and ease of use, that makes it one of the best convection ovens of 2017.